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D'Kathy Kirby, gebuer den 20. Oktober 1938 zu Ilford am Essex (England) als Kathleen O'Rourke, a gestuerwen den 19. Mee 2011 war eng englesch Popsängerin.

Si huet am Eurovision Song Contest 1965 fir Groussbritannien I Belong gesongen, a koum hanner der France Gall, déi fir Lëtzebuerg opgetrueden ass, op déi zweet Plaz.

Hiert "Markenzeeche" waren hir knallrout blénkeg gefierft Lëpsen.



Englesch SingelenÄnneren

  • Pye 7N15313 1960 Love Can Be/ Crush Me
  • Pye 7N15342 1961 Danny/ Now You're Crying
  • Decca F11506 1962 Big Man/ Slowly
  • Decca F11682 1963 Dance On/ Playboy
  • Decca F11759 1963 Secret Love/ You Have To Want To Touch Him
  • Decca F11832 1964 Let Me Go Lover/ The Sweetest Sounds
  • Decca F11892 1964 You're The One/ Love Me Baby
  • Decca F11992 1964 Don't Walk Away/ No Regrets
  • Decca F12087 1965 I Belong/ I'll Try Not To Cry
  • Decca F12177 1965 The Way Of Love/ Oh Darling How I Miss You
  • Decca F12280 1965 Where In The World/ That Wonderful Feeling Of Love
  • Decca F12338 1966 Spanish Flea/ Till The End Of Time
  • Decca F12432 1966 The Adam Adamant Theme/ Will I Never Learn
  • Columbia DB8139 1967 No One's Gonna Hurt You Anymore/ My Yiddishe Momme
  • Columbia DB8192 1967 In All The World/ Time
  • Columbia DB8302 1967 Turn Around/ Golden Days
  • Columbia DB8400 1968 I Almost Called Your Name/ Let The Music Start
  • Columbia DB8521 1968 Come Back Here With My Heart/ Antonio
  • Columbia DB8559 1969 I'll Catch The Sun/ Please Help Me I'm Falling
  • Columbia DB8634 1969 Is That All There Is/ Knowing When To Leave
  • Columbia DB8543 1969 With You Beside Me/ More Than Ever Now
  • Columbia DB8600 1969 Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache/ How Can I Say I'm Sorry
  • Columbia DB8647 1969 Sweet Memories/ Don't Say A Word

Englesch EPenÄnneren

  • DFE8547 1963 "Kathy Kirby" Big Man/Playboy/Dance On/Love Me, Baby
  • DFE8596 1965 "Kathy Kirby" Vol.2 Reach Out For Me/That Old Feeling/There's No Other Love/Shangri-La
  • DFE8611 1965 "BBC TV's A Song For Europe" I'll Try Not To Cry/Sometimes/My Only Love/I Won't Let You Go/One Day/I Belong


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