--Otets 03:04, 28. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren



In the meantime Herzi Pinki helped me already with the Russian map.

I did not create the template "Kaartpositioun", hence I ignore what user Kaffi programmed there. Are you sure that your changes in this template do not risk to adversely affect other templates or map displays?

--Otets 11:34, 30. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren

It works without adversely affects now (3 templates Schabloun:Kaartpositioun, Schabloun:Latitude and Schabloun:Longitude). In en.wiki this templates (en:Location map (include en:Location map/decdeg) is full-protected. I do not know, if need to protect them here (may be half)?--Амба 13:21, 30. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren

It is a good idea to protect these templates. I will do that after the work thereon and the discussion on the Stamminee is finished.

Do I understand it correctly that your templates "Latitude" and "Longitude" do exactly the same work as the template "Kaartpositioun" did anyway before you changed it? Why to multiply the templates? Especially since the en-wiki replaced the two conversion templates by a universal one.

In addition thereto, there seems to be a problem with your templates, they display the number "0" in the explanation text, this is often an indication for a formula error.
--Otets 14:10, 30. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren

They display the number "0" by default, when there are no input parameters. This is normal. Without templates "Latitude" and "Longitude" or analog of en:Location map/decdeg Schabloun:Kaartpositioun Russland can't work.--Амба 14:27, 30. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren

"Kaartpositioun Italien" has now a red link where there was before the indication of the middle of the map... --Otets 14:32, 30. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren

Red link is because changing Schabloun:Kaartpositioun/Info (http://lb.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Schabloun:Kaartpositioun/Info&action=history) and include non-exist Schabloun:Coord.--Амба 14:44, 30. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren

Before it include Schabloun:Coordinate, but I do not now, how it work.--Амба 14:48, 30. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren

Sorry, you are absolutely right, this was user Kaffi's creation and it always showed an error message. Unfortunately, I do not know either how that should have worked. --Otets 14:57, 30. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren

I just noticed that user Volvox made already alternative templates to you Longitude and Latitude: Schabloun:CoordinateLONG and Schabloun:CoordinateLAT. These templates have also an error check routine. Should we not use those instead? --Otets 16:07, 30. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren

Yes, You can use Schabloun:CoordinateLONG and Schabloun:CoordinateLAT instead Longitude and Latitude, but I do not know how to right integrate them to Schabloun:Kaartpositioun.--Амба 16:15, 30. Jul. 2010 (UTC)Äntweren